Higher Maximum Capacity for Hospitals at Full Level

  • Hello Admins and Moderators, as well as other players. I had the thought of the possibility of increasing the maximum capacity of Hospitals. If, by chance, there was an option to increase the maximum beds in the hospitals from 30 to say 75, or even 100 beds, it would be almost like the real hospitals. Each of the hospitals would have between 100-250 bed capacity in real life.

    To get to the 100 bed capacity, Take the current 30 count bed, with the level 20 and increase the bed capacity by 14 beds over the next 5 levels, requiring 266,000 credits or 15 coins after level 20, to reach level 25 and 100 beds.

    This would also allow players to be able to run more patients to that particular hospital and clear those units up fast than having to run 15-20 min real time to clear a unit if they were to take them to another hospital.
    I have filled up my hospital 4 times and literally had to stop plying because my hospitals were full. I mostly had got more medical calls then fire calls. I have about 11-12 ambulances with 1 full capacity, lev 20, Max 30 beds, and would get overwhelmed at times with patients in the hospitals. Then I had to stop playing so the hospitals would clear up. I am financially strapped now where I can't afford to buy any more coins to clear out my hospitals.

    Is there any way this could work where we could get more capacity of the hospital beds at the maximum level? Thoughts would be great on this. Thanks for your time.

  • Good idea but it really also depends where you are at. Only bigger cities actually have that big of an emergency room of more than 30 beds. The hospital i work with only has 6 emergency room beds and the biggest hospital near me only had like 20 ED rooms. you are running an EMS service so you won't use all the beds in the hospital really(unless its a legit mass casualty event in real life). Now there are always exceptions, but that is where realism comes into play and you need to think of where you are sending all your patients you are transporting. I have 5 hospitals in t he DC area open and I know there area a couple more I could build too but I havent needed to yet(I have like 130 ED beds between the 5, and about 25 ambulances so I expect to fill all those beds probably after 8 hours of straight playing, which I have done before lol. This game takes a lot more strategy than people realize :) which is really cool

  • Another thing though is when it's a alliance hospital, you're not the only one bringing in people, I play in NYC, but I am from Houston, we have this area called the Texas Medical Center, there are literally 2 level 1 trauma centers next to each other and if I'm not mistaken it's like a total of 6 or7 hospitals, probably more if you count the childrens hospital and the womens hospital, and guess what, they've all been on divert at the same time several times due to being over crowded and beyond capacity, so it actually is possible and feasible.

  • Sebastian has said he’ll look into this when we asked him about about a week ago. No timeframe though. Both station and hospitals would be upgradeable for more space.

    Thanks for the reply, Jason. Remember, my focus is only on the hospital capacity, not the stations. The ambulance stations already have expansion capability to house more vehicles. I was more focusing on the maximum capacity of the hospital. The capacity is 30 currently. Everyone knows that 30 beds can get filled up rather quickly if you are running 12-20 ambulances, and getting a lot of medical calls in the process.

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