Realistic Fire Station Crewing

  • Hi all,

    I'm sure this has ALL been requested before, but I thought I'd reiterate it.

    I'd like to see the ability to have a mixture of retained and wholetime staff on stations. IE 6 staff which can crew a vehicle without delay. Then you would have a number of retained staff attached to that station. Once the first 6 staff are used, the next 6, or 12, for example, take a user set time to arrive on station before crewing the appliance. This enhances realism as currently having vehicle delays isn't always correct.

    EG - 6 staff have 60 second delay to crew whichever vehicle is being sent first. Next 12 staff have a 300 second delay before arriving on station and crewing whichever appliances are sent out.

    I would also like to see users able to set a MINIMUM number of people on a vehicle.

    For example, station 58 has 4 vehicles, but only 12 staff.
    58P1 and 58P2 both require a minimum of 4, but a maximum of 6.
    58R1 has a minimum of 3, maximum of 4.
    58M1 has a minimum and maximum of 2.

    If they sent both 58P1 and 58P2 to an incident, they'd crew both appliances with 6.
    If they sent 58P1 and 58R1 to an incident, there'd be 2 staff remaining, meaning 58M1 could be crewed with 2.
    There's no way of currently crewing vehicles realistically where MC is intelligent enough to choose wisely.

    Similarly, sending 58P1, 58P2 and 58R1 out is possible, by crewing each vehicle with 4. Currently MC will not do this.

    Please up-vote this post if you're in agreement or have any further suggestions.

    NF14 - Content Adviser Team (UK)
    Ex Emergency Operations Centre Staff
    Current Operational Ambulance Staff

  • I agree!
    The only part I don't agree with is it not being an option.

    Even though I love playing realistically I would still like to have the choice where possible

    Agreed, having this as an option would be brilliant. Or you could just set no staff to have delays and voila.

    NF14 - Content Adviser Team (UK)
    Ex Emergency Operations Centre Staff
    Current Operational Ambulance Staff

  • would we get the option to auto crew vehicles.

    By that I mean if I have 1 staff trained at ICCU and Hazmat will it automatically assign the correct staff to the vehicles. And would we get the option to set default staffing per vehicle for all your vehicles as I have over 2k so it would take forever to sort it all out.

  • Agreed! I have no idea why in the world MC would put some of my K-9 or my MCV crew in a random engine/patrol car instead of that specialized vehicle. The game should definitely prioritize regular crew for regular vehicles and only if there is not a minimum requirement reached for a regular unit.

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