Answering point

  • Hi, I think we should be able to have as many answering points as we want, the answering point doesn't do anything which would make it unfair to have multiple so it wouldn't brake the game. The reason I ask this is that I cover 3 counties and I would like to put an answering point and each HQ for fire, ambulance and police and I can't currently do that.

  • I just had another idea to add on to my original idea, what about having multiple answering points for different services such and fire HQ, Ambulance HQ etc. The different HQs would control each service and would separate the answering points unlike now where every vehicle and building is under one list (see pics). This probably wouldn't be beneficial when just starting out but it's not going to ruin your game, however when you have as many stations and units as me it would really help. This idea would be in conjunction with removing the limit on the amount of answering points you can have.

  • I also agree. Right now I am only doing DC, but plan on moving to other parts of the US and would love having a different Call center in each area. Maybe there would be a way to where each dispatch call center will only show the vehicles and stations of THAT area, so that when someone has 100 stations between 4 areas of the country, the 500 vehicles wont all show in the same list and they only show up on their respective dispatch centers. Maybe this would also work with the actually dispatching of units, where you could have the choice to show only the units owned in that area for a call to respond to an incident, and the units on the other side of the country don't show unless you hit another tab for another dispatch center or something? So basically each call you get would somehow be connected to the SPECIFIC dispatch center that is in the area of that incident(as if they are the ones answering the call) and then all the units in THAT specific area are the ones you can choose from(and if you need to respond from a different call center you can click a tab to open up that call center or something). I might be kinda confusing but I can explain more if people are interested. Just the basics of it is that each unit would be attached to the specific call center in THAT area and each call is connected to the appropriate dispatch center in THAT area. Maybe it would be something to select when you build a station. Like when you select to build a new station there would be an option "which dispatch call center do you want to attach this station and any vehicles in it to."

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