Roles in ARR

  • Hi,

    I'd like to suggest adding a filter for a crew's (or assigned crew's) specific training. the main use of this would be for critical care staff, where you can just have a critical care ARR button and it sends the nearest unit with a CC trained crew member onboard/assigned to it.

    I know you can assign your own custom vehicle categories for a similar effect but I'd prefer an ambulance, RRV, GP etc. to not all be grouped into the one catogory.

    This could come in useful in the future as well if more types of training are added - since not all CC staff may be trained with all other types of training (if you get what I mean).

    I'd be interested to see your opinions in this idea,


  • You can do this with the current AARR set up.

    Just as CC as a custom category to units that have Critical Care staff assigned.

    Do not tick the dispatch just as custom class box.

    This way it will dispatch is either it's normal class or can dispatch as CC

    I did use this extensively as I worked to add CC staff to all ambulances.

  • I know this, however as I said in my original post, I don't like having them all in the same custom category - since that is the category which is shown dispatch centre/alarm window - plus i also use custom categories do define different types of types of each vehicle (HEMS RRV vs Ambulance service Trust RRV etc.)

  • I like this, saves having to search and sort out the specialist units in the header grouping.

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