how dispatch centers work

  • I wanted to wait until I got to a Computer for easier typing.

    The main Benefit's for Dispatch Center for me personally it varies by user are as follows.

    • if you have a premium account you can control all hiring from the Dispatch center for stations. you can hire automatically every night until you get to a set # of personal. Whereas if you click on a Fire station to hire you can only hire up to 3 people aka 3 nights worth.
    • If you have different area's set up and want different resources for my set up I have Police Fire, EMS, ARFF, Water Rescue all in Minnesota. outside of Minnesota I do not have anything other then Fire Stations. In your Dispatch center you can check a box that only sends units for what you have. Example to this would be: if I do not have the box checked for my Miami Dispatch center, it can and will send me call requirements that I simply cannot complete, such as calls requiring Police, EMS, Boats. Which is the largest Benefit for dispatch centers.
    • That is all I can think of currently off the top of my head.
  • There are an abundance of reasons why dispatch centers are useful. For me, it is the organization of the game. It makes seeing station counts and unit counts so much easier with the "Statistics" tab. Then you have your "Buildings" tab where you can see each building assigned to the dispatch center and can see what extensions it has and can actually start an extension from there, also.

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