"Rescue Quint"

  • Hi, just recenty I saw a Truck in Colorado to be a Tiller Truck with Rescue equipment, South Metro's new "Tiller 34" to be precise. And that vehicle is a Quint and a Heavy Rescue combined. Could you maybe add that kind of vehicle to the game?;)<3

  • I would love to see a rescue/aerial combo in game, as many large depts do the “city service” ladder model where they carry basic rescue tools and handle most basic accidents including extrication tools. Heavy rescues are only for the “big” incidents and specialized rescues. I don’t think they would consider a triple combo truck though.

  • Some departments do deck out their quints as a heavy rescue but when that happens it extremely reduces the amount of water you can carry (In real life) due to NFPA 1901 and the GVW.

    However, I would also add my opinion that before we start adding new apparatus and features that we get all the "stuff" fixed that has been mentioned over and over.

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