Serve Lag and crashes

  • We have been seeing massive issues with lag and performance making the game unplayable for some.

    Yes it's a double credit event but seriously if the devs are going to offer these events across multiple platforms at once then they should be ensuring their servers can cope with the demands placed on them.

    I am due to renew premium again and this plus other commitment issues from the devs has me seriously considering not renewing.

    Maybe next time offer the double credits on different days for each server.

  • Same.

    Today has been awful as an end user.

    Yes quite possibly a victim of its own success, double credits encouraging increased game play, but if the game is unplayable then everyone loses out.

    Had a coin sale coincided with the double credits event (or I’d suggest in the 2nd 24 hour of a 48 hour event) there would have been a mass sign up I’m sure, certainly I’d have got my wallet out, but frankly within a few hours of double credits being announced the game was unplayable.

    Give us some reassurances, we all know things go wrong but chucking out double credit events doesn’t work if the servers aren’t up to it.

    Show us that next time will be better and tell us why and we will all be interested I’m sure, but right now it’s just a frustration. (For us all I’m sure!)

  • Both yesterday and today have been absolutely horrible. On several occasions I've walked away for a couple hours and come back hopeful things would be better. Really sucks missing out on the opportunity to take full advantage of a double credit incentive. You would think with all the $$ spent by players, appropriate infrastructure would be an investment priority....

  • What do you mean by extension? and the day has gone on, it has improved, but yesterday it was non stop

    I believe he means he has requested for the devs to extend the 2x credit event (another day for example).

  • Thanks for looking into this and reporting it. Just so you are aware, I am experiencing the same issues still this morning. I know you said they are looking into it but I wanted to let you know the same thing is still going on..

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