Missions Spawning Without Patients

  • My missions are currently spawning without patients, despite them being large missions such as Large Aircraft Crashes which have minimum of 60 patients. Probably due to the fact I don't have an ambulance station active with the dispatch centres, but they're still counted towards the mission, so patients should be able to be on missions. Seems to be a recent change that's stopped the patients spawning.

  • I have been on the game for the last few hours and have had no issues. I've had missions totalling about 1,000 patients, including during the time you made this thread. It may be because of your disabled ambulance stations so probably best to turn them on if you want patients.

  • I'm aware that's probably the issue - But this wasn't the case until relatively recently, and the ambulance stations are still being taken into account for the mission to be generated to begin with, so there's no reason to not have patients.

  • Patients can only be generated if an enabled ambulance station (or ambulance extension) on fire stations is within a range of 15km of the mission.

    On Monday last week, a "Bugfix" was introduced so that ambulance stations assigned to a disabled dispatch center don't count as enabled anymore. That causes patients not being generated on many missions for many players.

    It has been a "Bug" that ambulance stations in a disabled dispatch center generated patients.

    The team did not communicate the change at all before (even not on german server) because they didn't expect it to be a breaking change.

  • Fair enough, I know quite a few people who play with all ambulance stations disabled to stop the small single patient missions haha. Didn't think this would be an issue since the station counts towards the mission spawn requirements

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