Timer on Serious medical missions

  • Can we get timers on serious medical missions.
    Well I think it would be cool to have a timer that would decrease from say 10mins and every minute the chance of success to rescue the patient would decrease. When the timer finishes there would be a very slim chance of saving the patient and the patient would pass away
    For example:
    You receive a Heart Attack mission
    There is a 10 min timer
    The timer decreases and the patient’s chance of survival decreases such as: 10 mins 100% chance, 9 mins 90% chance and so on.

    Those are my thoughts
    Let me know what you think.

  • Issues arise with the mission generation while the app/game is closed. The buildup of missions would then have a lot of dead patients when the player reopens the game. If this would be added, it would need the ability to be turned on and off by the player, depending on their playing style. I would not put this high on the priority list for that reason.

    Also to be noted, even with serious medical emergencies,a lengthened response time does not always mean death in real life, sometimes it just results in permanent disability or decrease in quality of life. Even an MI can pass without intervention, but still need an angiogram/angioplasty in the future (sometimes scheduled several weeks or even months after the initial incident).

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  • The thing with this is though it is realistic and people who let calls stack up, which I do myself are really not being realistic but are trying to get a lot of credits quickly. I think there should be some sort of deceased patient in future because even if patient patients are treated instantly they could still die.

  • The point about the patients not always dying is quite interesting as:
    It could mean there are more extensions to hospitals
    It could also mean that patients get regular checkups at hospitals and so could give more transfer missions
    But also it could give patients more of a background and could give more information about patients for a more realistic game

  • Why do we need to be realistic? We play the game how we want to and just because it's 'realistic' doesn't make the game any better than it currently is. When I'm at work, I let calls stack up in waves of about 15 (that's what the auto generation sorts out) - I answer calls and deal with patients from the previous time. Certainly I wouldn't want to be disadvantaged because of the way that I decide to play the game (it's a game not real life, please don't forget this). And to have this on up to 400 patients a day? It'd be a killer - literally.

  • A similar idea to this has been brought up in the past (see the link for discussion) 8) However - it has also been said that the developer simply doesn't want to see death in the game, see here.

    As mentioned in that topic - if something like this were to be implemented (highly unlikely), it would have to be from the time you dispatch the unit instead of from when the mission is generated. That then eliminates some concerns that have been mentioned above.

    In terms of credits... Standard credits for treating/transporting would still apply - however, you would get a little bonus depending on how long it takes for the unit to get on scene. For example - 250 bonus credits for within 5min, 100 for 10min etc. Personally, I believe that seems fairly appropriate and logical. As always however, feel free to leave your thoughts below :)

  • You can think of your own outcomes of these things, I sort calls out by priority of whether or not there's a victim, for example IRL if there's a big storm emergency services are going to prioritize the calls with victims first, if a building burns down that's preferably better than someone being trapped under a tree and passing away. I don't really imagine my own way of how it ends and how the patient is after the fact because the game is about dispatching units and building resources to further the game experience. As a first responder it is my job to help someone as much as I can and then they go to the hospital and I move on and help the next person, if I save their life, good on me, if they pass, I shake it off because we all know not everyone can be saved but the longer you keep dealing with the ones you can't save the more people you don't save that you could have saved. And honestly, I don't like to think about death in this kind of game either, I save that for call of duty and rainbow six siege.

  • I think it could be implemented like the timed missions but with a short time, like 5/10 minutes depending from the A-E code. If I don't get to the patient the mission could give the same text we get when we don't send the right units to the timed missions...

    This penalises players who might allow missions to build then clear some down when they get a chance. I don’t have the opportunity to play all the time, so I let the game build my missions, send units when I get a break at work or when I get chance on an evening, and repeat the exercise.

    If medical missions were timed on when you responded to them, I would fail nearly all of them.

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