Police Cars

  • I feel that the current police car arr is not good at all and needs to be updated

    - The Firearms Personel Carrier

    - Police Support Unit

    - MRAV

    are all deployed as a police car in the arrs

    however the following vehicles are also counted as a police car in missions but not the ARRs which is incredibly inconsistent

    - DSU

    - ARV

    - Traffic Car

    - Armed Traffic Car

    Possible Solutions

    - Remove the Public Order Unit form the POlice Car Arr

    - Add all police car capable units into the police car arr and add a new arr could "Incident Response Vehicle" only deploying the IRV

  • Any update on this cause its been happening for months and is crazy to me that they haven't fixed this. As HART being sent as RRVs was fixed within days why has it taken months for absolutely no progress in the ARRs? This alone has stopped me playing MCUK for months due to silly things like this. This should be somewhat of a priority to have corrected as it impacts gameplay severely. Cause whats happening in my gameplay is Public Order units are getting stuck on missions that they don't need to attend causing not enough PSUs for calls, then the PSU units need IRVs to come and transport causing wasted units and waiting times because often I may not notice for hours as I am finishing other missions.

    Edit: sorry if it seems ranty but I stand by what I said

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