• As I'm sure many of you are aware that at the moment in game Care education stands at Critical Care, HART, SORT, OTL and Ambulance Officer. I W as wondering if folks would like to see education for Doctors and maybe Advanced Paramedics too?

    The same for Fire, Fire officers are fine but it would be nice to see Station officers, Station Commanders, Chief Fire officer especially for the bigger missions

    What do you guys think ?

  • OTL is not a course, you're referring to tactical command course which is required for the Ambulance Control Unit (ACU).

    Education for Doctors and Advanced Paramedics as well as other resources are in my plans for future ambulance content of which I have now started to work on.

    Education for the 2 roles will also require new units and missions to go with in order to make the most of it.

  • I would love to see doctors (with a toggle similar to critical care) I would defo make good use with it/

  • I would defo like to see a ranking system in place for fire officers.

  • Mate that is fantastic news, I bet there are a lot of people who will appreciate having Doctors as a new feature.

  • My only concern is complexity for new players.

    Can you imagine opening the game to see


    Specialist Paramedic

    Advanced Paramedic

    Consultant Paramedic

    Critical care


    In my view what advantage is there comapred to critical care, unless you allow the above to cover the critical care requriement.

  • I have not said anything about training for paramedic or consultant paramedic.

    I also said "other resources", I will not specify at this time what they will be as I need to work on it.

    Your concern is noted however I'm wondering why you don't have this concern for other services.

    My suggestion of new units will include buildings and unit specific missions, meaning they're optional to have to enhance gameplay and not required from release.

    This is the direction content has been heading in as we know releasing something that is required will create enormous headaches for existing setups.

  • I think you misinterpreted my words.
    This is not having a go at you in any way.

    I also said "Can you imagine opening the game to see", by this is was refering to a hypotential update in the future where those were added.

    I am only saying that if we start adding loads of training it becomes so complex. I am serving emergency services and know how the services work from being trained in inter-agency operability.

    "Why you don't have this concern for other services."

    Unless your asking about police/ a bit of knowledge on ambo, then I know nothing about fire for example.

    There were talkings about multiple fire office levels which covers the point above but from a new players perspective it can be quite complex, for example I used to be active on the de version but with being away for a while the amount of new training means that I wont touch that as I just cant get past the complexity.

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