[UK] Removal of tankers being required

  • Yes I know this is the American forum but since there is no UK version yet, thought I should stick it in here

    Tankers are not widely used in the UK, well in Scotland anyway. There is only 6 tankers for the whole of Scotland, this is because of there being a wide range of fire hydrants everywhere for the fire service to access. Because of this, me and a wide range of other people in the community feel like they should be optional as we try to have the proper units at the proper stations, and that's not possible if we require a tanker due to the select areas they are in.

    So really, it would be heavily appreciate if it was no longer required.

  • I think at some point it was being talked about that later in the future we could possibly have a number of engines make up for tanker in case of these type of situations.

    Such as your area and major cities that don't have them.

  • I don't see the requirement for tankers being removed to be honest. My county, Hampshire, has 6 because in the middle of the New Forest, there is no access to water. What you're suggesting is the debated Pumper Tanker which has been widely debated before but Sebastian didn't really like combination units. Perhaps with a new Dev team, they might be of a different opinion to him.

  • Water tankers will most likely be kept in the game. HVP’s whilst in game you could put them as a tanker currently (and I do) are not the same thing and maybe added as a separate thing. I get that some areas don’t have tankers such as London due to the high availability of hydrants but most counties outside of the cities will have one or two.

    The idea about having multiple engines count as a tanker may be a valid solution for both games. Also the tanker requirement does need changing from a lot of calls so that can be looked into as well.

  • The Fire Service that covers where I live has water tankers however my service calls them High Volume Water Tenders. I live Derbyshire my force uses the HVPs when the rivers flood or there is a fire in the Derbyshire Dales.

    They are Water Carriers as stated in there response plans and the HVP has been deployed everywhere in Derbyshire even the city centre as I've witnessed and assisted them in the deployment of it.

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