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  • LSS-Manager V.4


    in the brand new thread for the LSS Manager in its 4th version!

    About the LSSM…
    … will of course follow here at times ;)

    The team
    currently consists of: Ron31 , SanniHameln, Aisaka and Jan (jxn_30)

    can be until 20.10.2020. You can find an application form at

    The current schedule
    Although private influences may change at any time, it currently looks like this:
    19.09.2020 Start of application phase for beta testers
    20.10.2020 End of application phase for beta testers
    24.10.2020 Start of the beta test
    21.11.2020 Release of the public version

    This thread
    Is kept up-to-date. The thread LSS Manager for missionchief should still exist at least until the public release of the V.4 as space for error messages etc. in the V.3.

    We thank you for your continued great support and look forward to numerous beta applications. Likes to share this thread with friends and (game) mates, even in the other language versions of the game.

    If you have any questions about V.4, please do not hesitate to contact us here and on our Discord server. However, we will not answer all the questions

    Your team from the LSS Manager.

  • Dear LSSM users,
    You've been waiting a long time for the day when the V4 is finally released! Today it is finally here! 🎉🎉
    The V4 can now be used by everyone. It should be mentioned that the V4 is currently only a supplement to the V3.

    Both can run parallel. (But it is recommended to avoid duplications :smirk:)

    But we think you want to use it and not read 3 pages:

    At you can find the download link for the V4

    and at you can find the docs for the V4 with all the other useful information :thumbup:

    If there is anything that is not answered in the docs or something similar, you can always contact us in the forum and via the United Dispatch Discord Server!

    A big THANKS to all our beta-testers and translators!

    With much joy,
    your LSSM-Team.

  • I'm kinda new to MissionChief, Certainly new to addons being involved with MissionChief. What do you do for us as players?

    Everything and anything you could ever dream for, LSS is a time & life saver.

  • Important information regarding the collection of metadata

    As of version 4.5.10 (for betas already as of now, given that the unofficial update is installed), the version of the installed userscript is also recorded along with the previous metadata.

    This information is already built into our statement about collecting metadata and will also be built into the next release notes.

    Why do we do this?

    In the next updates, there will probably be more updates of the userscript. In order to simplify troubleshooting here, we can then simply see via telemetry whether the update has arrived at a user or not.

    Automatic popup

    Also, LSSM will show a popup if an important userscript update is not yet installed.

    We are aware that this might be annoying, but the popup comes at a maximum of once per release and only for releases where the userscript has been updated.

    Yes, Tampermonkey also informs about userscript updates on its own, but this always takes time and can theoretically be deactivated. However, since LSSM may no longer work without these userscript changes, this popup is quite useful.

    Rejecting metadata

    Of course, metadata can still be deactivated at any time via LSSM settings and metadata already collected can be deleted via a short, informal request to the team.

    Users who do not agree with the extension of metadata collection can uninstall LSSM or deactivate the collection at any time.

    Kind regards

    your LSSM Team

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