Hospital Queueing

  • Bit of an odd suggestion..

    The ability for ambulances to queue at hospitals when full?

    Will stop needing to travel crews in excess of 200km to hospitals at times.

    Ambulances could enter a queue at a full hospital and when a patient space is clear they get to hand over?

    Realistic addition and could be very handy, I'd certainly use it a lot.

    Before any comments are made.. In these areas I have max hospitals and clinics.. I just get a high volume of high casualty jobs.

  • But the ambulances will be stuck at the hospital for up to an hour. that's a pretty dead patient to me. I like the idea but for MissionChief because of that, it won't really make sense. It would take the same time for an ambo to just go to another hospital 100km away. I don't oppose however if someone has a solution for that.

  • An hour wait at hospital is nothing.. Trust me

    I can see where you're coming from however I believe it could be useful

    With my main area I also cover a few islands where there is only 1 hospital that can fill quickly.. It would be useful to avoid resources making unneeded journeys via ferry routes.

    You could maybe look at my original idea but included with it a HALO (Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer) who go to hospitals to deal with delays.

    Maybe this resource you could send to a hospital that's full and queuing when you send resources there (if it would ever be added).

    The HALO can then slowly clear the queueing ambulances and/or create spaces in the hospital as they would in real life.

  • As CHP has said, its a good idea for realism. This actually was something that i put to the UK devs in my QOL update pack which was titled "Better Crewing". This will be an option that will be listed as a realism setting that is toggleable if the user chooses (If it gets added that is)

  • This isn't a bad idea as far as realism, though it'll be interesting to see how the community reacts to this idea here in the forums. I will keep an eye on this.

    I already suggested a while ago for the US game (and for all the versions), to add a status when the ambulance is arrived at the hospital and delivering the patient. With that new vehicle status, the ambo needs to wait few seconds (due to game scale) at the hospital instead of drop off instantly the patient and go back in service the next second. It would represent the unavailability of the ambulance while the patient is transfered to the ER unit, while the ambulance team are reconditionnig the vehicle, do a quick desinfection and go back to service.
    And in addition of this, I suggested a probability of desinfection unavailbility. This probability would change regarding the type of transport the ambulance just finished. You have more probability of desinfection on a bleeding patient than an asthma.
    When the ambulance is unavailable for desinfection, 2 scenarios are possible :
    1 ) Ambulance goes back to station in status 6 (or status ... 9 (or whaterver new status)) is unavailable for a certain duration and comes back automatically in status 2.
    2) Ambulance switches to a new status, stays at the hospital during a certain amount of time of desinfection, goes back to service in status 1.

    This time of unavaibility would be a sort of queuing if there are many ambulances at the same time by using a value to the hopsital. The hospital should be able to take care of 1, 2, 3 patients at the same time. I mean, 1, 2, 3 arriving patients. If you send 30 ambulances at the same time, only 1 - 3 ambulances are treated by the ER crew at the same time.
    And then you have a queue.

  • But the ambulances will be stuck at the hospital for up to an hour. that's a pretty dead patient to me. I like the idea but for MissionChief because of that, it won't really make sense. It would take the same time for an ambo to just go to another hospital 100km away. I don't oppose however if someone has a solution for that.

    Just want to provide my 2 cents.

    An hour is a good wait (is there are crews waiting for beds) at a hospital in the uk. Sometimes it could be upwards of 24 hours just to get a bed (yes it can be that bad) the most critical will get in faster but that means the less critical wait.

    I think for the UK version at least the medical system needs to be fixed as this 1 hour per patient makes little sense I proposed a set time for each category of patients something like this.

    Cat 1 patients transfered within 20 minutes

    Cat 2 transported within 40

    Cat 3 within 1 hour

    Cat 4 within 2 hours

    These times would run parallel to each other so if you put 30 cat 1 patients in a hospital all 30 would release at the same time.

    Another idea would be to have the hospital expansions provide a bonus to the release time. This would make more worth while getting as getting a bonus 75 coins is not really worth spending over a million on a hospital and its beds and expansions.

  • The big thing I'd say is also needed is added beds as most A&E departments have access to way more than 30 beds.

    My local which isn't a major hospital has access to around 50 to 60 beds within what's considered their ED these beds include ones in CAU, MIU, Majors and Minors plus resus basically they stuff patients in where ever they can fit them and have the bed managers hunting forna suitable ward bed for them.

    Those in Resus and Majors are top of list to be moved to wheres best and are normally gone from the ED within 3 hours.

    Minors are typically either discharged within 3 to 6 hours or moved to CAU if they are expected to breach 6 hours (normally any that's going to breach the 3 hour target are moved here as that gets them off the clock) or if condition worsens go to Majors

    CAU are normally those minor patients that need further examination or GP referrals and would be either discharged or moved within 24 hours of admission to the ED. These patients are considered off the clock for the ED but are still technically an ED patient.

    MIU are walk ins and normally never admitted to Hospital.

    Now there are more emergency admissions that boycott EDs especially cardiac cases these have been known to be delivered directly to either the cath lab or the cardiac unit so would avoid the ed.

    Now I do like Caolans idea on the times as that would be more suitable for the game but as he says make use of the departments more especially ones like cardiac where even if the patient goes in via ED they are moved quickly to that department and same with nurology.

    Calls like child birth should not cost any patient place in the ED side as these almost always go direct to the Gynecology/Maternity units yes there are exceptions but mostly they don't see ED.

    But before waiting times are introduced we need more beds for it to be realistic as some of us can easily fill all our hospitals in an hour or so just now. Today I had done a quick run through my list and 3 out of my 7 hospitals and 4 of my 8 clinics were full within the first hour or so. If I was able to keep jobs going I'd have been using alliance beds, which on a day where I get a good bit of time in the game I could fill easily too.

    Once we have more beds then yes waiting times would be good.

    Also adding in ambulance downtime is needed as they always go off the run after transporting for cleaning can be 10 mins or out of service return to station as needs full decontamination. Also crew welfare can have them go off the run after a call even if it's just for the crew to have a decompress from the case or just a quick head wobble and back at it.

    Lots could be done with this part of the game but just now I'd rather see the medical upgrade that's due as that will bring more features to that side of the game.

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