New Game Mechanic: Vehicle Augments

  • Idea:

    Base vehicles exactly as they are, but players have the ability to "augment" certain vehicles with upgrades etc.

    Upgrades could serve 4 purposes:

    1. Increased mission payout when on scene.
    2. Upgraded vehicle able to deal with more types of missions.
    3. Reduce chance of requiring a special vehicle.
    4. Realism for those who are looking for it.

    Take Kent FRS as an example:

    For frontline fire engines they have currently:

    • Pump
      • Pump
      • Pump Rescue Ladder
      • Pump CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System)
    • Rescue Pump
      • Pump Ladder
      • Pump Rescue Ladder
      • Rescue Pump LA COBRA (Not a CARP)
    • Heavy Rescue Pump
      • Rescue Pump Platform (Not a CARP)
      • Rescue Pump PLA/CAFS (Not a CARP)

    So consider, having bought in-game the Water Ladder, the ability to then purchase a "light rescue augment" that perhaps slightly reduces the % chance of requiring a ladder platform at certain missions such as a house fire? Or a "CAFS" augment that slightly reduces the % chance of requiring a water tender or hazmat vehicle? Or any of the above which when purchased, have a small % chance to add 5% extra mission credits earned each time they attend missions which they would usually be required at?

    This idea could also apply to (Not yet implemented) "Specialist Rescue Vehicles": Augments for Rope Rescue, Animal Rescue, Mud / Water Rescue etc...

    Or for adding foam to water carriers, or a welfare augment to a BASU unit?

    Another example:

    Devon and Somerset FRS Frontline Appliances:

    • Light Rescue Pump
    • Hybrid Light & Medium Rescue Pump
    • Medium Rescue Pump

    None of which are able to act on behalf of a Heavy Rescue Tender

    Augments could include Light & Medium Rescue Upgrades to slightly reduce the % chance of needing a Heavy Rescue Unit on scene at things like Road Traffic Collisions.

  • The idea of being able to upgrade individual units is an intriguing one. This would also bring an extra bit of strategy into the game, of deciding whether or not to send units with the upgrades or a regular base unit will suffice.

    Or for adding foam to water carriers, or a welfare augment to a BASU unit?

    I like these ideas also - they'd probably need to introduce a Foam tender before a foam upgrade could be added to WrCs and a dedicated welfare unit before a welfare upgrade for both BASU and ICCU (possibly Crew Carrier as well) would be needed a bit all great ideas!.

    I think the ability to upgrade units, in general, would be a great addition, like adding extra capabilities to ambulances to carry more advance equipment or traffic cars to have a TPAC addon (although a TPAC may be more suited as a staff training course)

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