Critical Care Notification

  • Decided to switch my critical care back on and I was reminded of what used to annoy me.

    When you send an ambulance to a call and it requires critical care, apart from the colour of the call changing and a little bit of text that you need to be looking at the call to see.. you don't get anything?

    I think it would be great for a "Request Critical Care" notification to appear on the radio similar to the transport requests.

    I'm going to add this to my list of things to be put forward.

    Just thought I'd add it here to see if anyone had thoughts on this?

    Please do feel free to DM me with any other ambulance suggestions.

  • Yeah a radio notification would be great I get so fustrated when I have cleared all my calls and say 10 need a critical care team

    if i had a radio notification a CC team would of been sent like 3.x faster

  • Only thing is there'd need to be a check so that when sending an MCE etc to a large aircraft it doesnt send 210x CC notifs, maybe a 1 notif/mission limit?

  • So moving slightly away from the original post point, more in relation to Scotty above - I would love to see it that if you have multiple CC trained people on one vehicle that they can treat that many patient. For example my PRV's and SRV's have multiple people on all of which are CC trained, yet they can only treat one patient at the moment. Just might be something to add on!

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