Prevent Botting

  • I'd like to see the devs do more to prevent those that are botting and spoiling the competitive element of the game for those of us that play fairly.

    There appears to be limited attempts so far with not even captcha implemented which is such a basic tool to disrupt those botting. I haven't tested it but I suspect something as simple as blocking outdated browser versions isn't implemented either.

    We all know there is a largely used bot service that the majority of these players are using, the devs could easily start disrupting this and make the game a fairer place for the rest of us. I think it's about time they did!

  • I'm of the opinion that I won't let them disrupt my playing experience. If those players want to cheat the game then that's how they want to play it but I'll play it my own way at my own pace.

    Unfortunately we have tried reporting certain players before, but they're still around so I have left it for the Devs to investigate if they see necessary especially as it has an impact on their income.

    But as there is no incentive to be the biggest beyond 10 coins for a rank and a leaderboard that you know is completely unachievable to be on, I don't see there being any competition between those who use bots and those who play legitimately. Try to forget about others and focus on having fun in your own game - that's my advice 🙂

  • I respectfully disagree, the very fact you say the leaderboard is unachievable to be on demonstrates part of the issue. It depends if you play as a team or individually as well. The alliance leaderboard is still very much competitive and when there is an alliance racing up the table, with players earning similar amounts of credits every hour of the day, there is clearly an issue.

    I'm not here to talk about individuals or complain about them either. With respect I am making a valid suggestion to the devs on how they can disrupt botting and your response isn't related to that.

  • The Devs need to step up their game on disrupting the people using bots.

    There are things they can do to make it harder for the bot to work.

    There are some players on the game literally earning what quite frankly is unavailable amounts each hour without assistance. Some of these players are literally earning roughly the same huge amount each hour no indication of this reducing indicating they have stopped playing.

    I've been watching several recently again and it is clear something is going on.

    Yes, I now play for my own reasons and not too bothered by small scale botting but the current state of it is just unbelievable.

  • The problem with policing them at this point is that you might severely diminish several alliances. That might not look good for the game.

    If you stop the game being fair & competitive you severely diminish alliances that are playing fairly. As I said alliance leaderboard is still competitive but the continued acceptance of bots will ruin that eventually.

  • I agree this needs to be cracked down on.

    Now there's an issue though. There's Players using Dispatch Bots and then there's Players using Macro Keyboards and Macro Mouses. They act similar but you need to switch them on to use the program in some cases.

    I have a Macro Board but mine is a Preset Keyboard. I simply press the Preset to select my Units then send them out. I'm sure other have more Advanced Macro Boards however. These have a big impact on the Game. It's like a whole Dispatch Center itself with having the Extra Keys.

    Now I can tell Players are using them but until we can figure out how to stop it or track the usage then like VICFire has stated above, Keep playing how you are and let bygones by bygones. I stand by VICFire on this.

    It's not fair no but not much can be done. This will eventually be figured out. Until then I suggest Players keep cranking down on their gameplay and not let anyone else ruin the Game for them.

    The Leaderboard has changed from time and time again so the competition is still there. And also Players form and go from Alliance to Alliance as they please which also affects the Leaderboard cause one fact is that Players always go for the Winning Teams and unfortunately that will never stop. Alliances are merging with one another in order to stay alive.

    Just gotta Overcome and Adapt. That always works!



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