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  • In reply to the "Utilities will pull boats" in this game those are not Pick-ups, SUVs, and Vans. In this game the Utilities are Rescues due to the calls they handle.
    1st Photo is a Rescue. 2007 Chevrolet 3500HD/Polybuilt non-walk-in Rescue that carries extrication tools, rope rescue equipment, fire tools, etc.
    2nd Photo is an actual Utility. 1980's Chevrolet/Reading Utility that carries brush fire equipment, generators, portable pumps, etc and tows it's department's UTV.
    3rd Photo is what I am referring to. A Pick-up Truck that in it's case tows the county's HazMat Trailer. But many depts own an SUV or Pick-up to tow their boat, they don't have a special rescue to tow the boat trailer as that would cost too much money for most dept's budgets. These are just 3 examples of the difference, chosen because the images were small enough to upload.

  • From my research it's the opposite but whatever. Anyway, the point is their misnamed "Utility" should not be the only option we should have to tow a boat or any future apparatus that is on a trailer or a trailer. On another thread I posted a list of the variety of units that tow their department's Boats and UTVs. While many were Squads/Utilities which can be represented by the Rescue called "Utility" in the game, the rest are Brush Trucks and Pick-ups/SUVs. And I picked a county where the depts have a higher budget than most others. Other counties you see less Squads/Utilities used as tow vehicles and more Pick-ups/SUVs being used. And then the more rural, poorer depts use a member's pick-up or SUV to tow any trailer they have.

  • How i see this and don't get me wrong but, Out here our Brush trucks are a concept of a Squad / Mini, The vehicles that tow the Boats or UTV's Any vehicle would be able to do such thing. But it honestly depends on the department or the state. Or maybe im seeing this from a different view then it should be looked out.

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  • Around here trailers are usually pulled by the battalion chief (Like Generators, etc) [Blocked Image:]

    The boat trailers are usually pulled by a VAME (Divers Team) [Blocked Image:] or a VOPE (specific ops vehicle which may contain utility for the diving team) [Blocked Image:] they can also be (like most trailers) pulled by the VCOT (Battalion chief) [Blocked Image:]

  • My county has no boats but they have ATVs, those a member or a chief goes to the hall and tows it with their own vehicle. The county I am doing in the game the boats and ATVs are pulled by Brush Trucks, SUVs, Pick-ups, and Squads. One dept tows their two boats to the dock in the on-season with their Interface Pumper.

  • Not to be a buzzkill but can we try to get this topic back on track and suggest missions for the boats. I’m not saying that your guys posts are not important but I think they would be better in there own topic.

  • Pier Fire, Boat Fire, Cruise Ship Fire, Boat Colison, Light or Large plane crash in sea or river, broken engine, Capsized or overboard person,

    If police boats are added, Hijackings, Pirating, Drug Smuggling, People Smuggling, illegal Fishing,

    EMS/Rescue Boat - Ill Person, Collapse, Heart Attack, Sail Boat Boom Injury.

  • As someone who has some real life experience (to some degree) with multiple fire districts (in both rural, suburban, and urban (via mutual aid from the suburban areas) areas) that have ran water rescue calls, here is my say. Before I start, let me let you know that in these areas I have lived in have run truck/ladder/quint companies and rescue pumpers or regular pumpers (since 99.9% of the pumpers have at least a combi-tool in these areas) to all rescue related calls. We don’t have actual rescue units. Our “rescues” are special operations/purpose units.

    The following vehicles should be able to pull a boat:
    -Battalion Chief (pulls boat trailer)
    -Utility (pulls boat trailer)
    -Rescue (pulls boat trailer)
    -Water Rescue Vehicle (carries boat on top of vehicle with water rescue equipment inside compartments; will need to be an new vehicle type, just like the boat trailer would; wouldn’t need a seperate boat trailer; they should also be able to pull a boat trailer therefore being able to haul 2 boats to the scene, especially considering since many boat trailers can carry 2 boats)

    Most of the missions suggested so far are requiring more units than I have ever seen. If you want to go to a good level of detail but not too much detail, add fireboat stations that can be on riverfronts and use patrol path type function to set where/what waterways the vehicle can travel through to respond to calls in addition to the boat trailers and units. Many departments along major rivers will have fireboats. You should possible consider adding both swift water rescue training for swift water rescue calls and dive training for dive rescue calls. They are highly different with both equipment and techniques, but still have some similarities. Flooding should be an option to include when creating a storm event, which will create multiple swift water rescues on land and in small creeks. Multiple areas that lie in valleys with nearby major waterways will have these issues.

    Now types of calls should be:
    -Swift water rescue in creek, lake, and river (each one being it’s own type of call)
    -Dive rescue in creek, lake, and river (each one being it’s own type of call)
    -Missing person (someone saw someone get carried away by water and has lost sight of them; I got a real life example of this type of call I can tell if anyone is interested. Just let me know)
    -Suicidal person threatening to jump from bridge
    -Stranded boat
    -Boat on Fire (most of the time will require a fireboat or light boat (the type pulled by trailers) with a portable pump and small handline)
    -Boating Accident

    Most calls, for initial response, should require 3 fire trucks (typically 2 engines and a ladder) 1-2 med units, 2-4 maybe 5 police cars, and 1 maybe 2 rescue boat (including those carried by water rescue unit). Upgrades should be more units, depending on severity of the call.

    That is my say.

  • I did but not certain if it's required or not

  • Mission/Name type oil tanker explosion

    requirements 1 life boat 1 fire boat 1 police helicopter 1 mobile command vehicle

    multiple hazmat units 13 or more patrol cars

    13 or more prisoners due to the fact letting an oil tanker explode is illegal

    patients 30 or more

    patient transport chance 100%

    department needed burn unit

    pay out 19,000 to 20,000

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