• So, we now have hems and 8 new missions which are great, but I am coming across an issue... I am sending my HEMS to jobs such as Cardiac/ Respiratory Arrests along with my RRV as sometimes they are whats available and it is an appropriate call for HEMS... but the system then asks for an ambulance for transport.. The game will only transport certain types of patients via hems.... is there anyway of asking the Devs to look at this so they can transport all patients?

    Also It would be good to have an RRV extension onto them as most HEMS bases have RRV's to attend calls when the helicopter is unserviceable.

  • HEMS is a copy how the medical helicopters work at the German version. That's why an ambulance is needed as well.

    Not sure if this is the right place. But it would be helpful if HEMS could also be included in the ARR.

  • As much as I wanted HEMS feel it's been rushed out to keep people quiet. Staffing is wrong for a start. Also no training needed. It would have been better for a medical training centre to be added.

    Also fact is you can send a hems to any hospital. That's something that doesn't happen.

    That was you could train advanced paramedics, HART/SORT and even docs plus aviation staff.

    Plus it's not listed in AARR either.

    Anyway it's going to be well used once I build more and build on the Scottish islands as I will be trying to replicate Scotstar.

  • @

    I totally agree with you there. It has been rushed out.

    Any patient can be transported by HEMS but you need an ambulance on scene also for treatment. This is as it would be in real life so makes sense.

    Where I am HEMS is tasked as a single response in some cases due to distance, terrain, and response time so having it attend calls as a solo response can be plausible

  • Where I am HEMS is tasked as a single response in some cases due to distance, terrain, and response time so having it attend calls as a solo response can be plausible

    Yes I know what you mean, especially in the case of vertical rescue or remote area rescue however that is not how the unit is implemented in the game. There are no rescue type calls yet (at least not in the AU version). All of the medical calls are spawned within a short radius of an ambulance station anyway so response time isn't an issue. The helicopter is really utilised in the game as an "Air Ambulance" for transport rather than a rescue helicopter.
    Do I think that's a good thing? No - I'd prefer it to have a rescue purpose with a much wider call range than road ambulances however given the set up we have to work with and the nature of the calls in the game requiring an ambulance on scene is appropriate.

  • The main problem I have found is the amount of missions spawning that require HEMS. I have about 15 missions backed up at the moment.

    I know how you feel, I have 4 HEMS aircraft that cover my area and they are constantly in the air on back to back jobs.... hence why i also think we should have 1/2 RRV's running from a HEMS base
    they can then"travel" with the crew as they would in real life

  • Tell me if I'm wrong but I've just noticed that my HEMS has the same speed as normal vehicle - HEMS was flying near ALS ambulance driving highway - and it got there in the same time, HEMS should be a little quicker.

    I notice that with air flying. It not realistic times.

    For an hour drive on the road takes 1 hour. By helicopters should to no longer than 20 minutes.

  • I'm not sure if it's been said anywhere else (I've had a look but can't find the answer), what's the odds of the HEMS bases having the capability to have more than 1 helicopter? There are a few HEMS charities in the UK now who occasionally run two from an airbase.

    I'm also using HEMS to cover for UK CG SAR helicopters at the moment and there are two at each of the ten bases. Paramedics on board but not CC trained. MY CG bases currently can only run one helicopter which is a bit of a nuisance.

    Former UK SAR Technician in both MR and Coastal Rescue. Qualified Associate Ambulance Practitioner, Specialist Rescue Officer and Emergency Planner.

    'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!'

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