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  • Hey guys, I'd like all of you as a community to state any in game issues you are currently dealing with on here so myself and the moderation team can review them and properly document this to the Developers. Please do this accordingly in a listed format to where we can understand your complaints and review them. We want to help. I am sure some of you don't think us or the Developers care but that isn't the case. We do care about you guys and want you all to have the best gaming experience as possible. We just have to take things one step at a time.

    As far as the recent lagging goes, We are 99% sure it is from the COVID-19 curfews/lockdowns and the 48 hour 2X Credit Event which has caused more players to hop on and play at one time overloading the servers. On behalf of the US & UK Moderation Teams we apologize for the inconveniences you have been having. It is our number one priority to have these issues fixed ASAP to where things are back to normal.

    Now, I am sure you are all wondering about the Brush Update. All I can tell you right now is that the Devs are currently working on it so we can give you all new content. I cannot give you an exact time frame and won't blow smoke or lead you on. However, As I have stated before it is worth the wait. Myself and the moderation staff work with the developers on these updates to give you all the best experience. The Developers are also dealing with things due to the Coronavirus just like us so I'm sure they are working very hard.

    Please leave any vulgarity out, Be as peaceful as possible when you post and most importantly, Be sure to abide by the Forum Rules.…p/Thread/620-Forum-Rules/

    Thank you,


  • The biggest issue I am seeing is Apparatus, including Police and EMS are at certain times will not respond to calls it, states that personal are not trained for that type of rig, then it shows no one at the station. it usually clears up if you either move to next call and go back. or you just click send again.

  • Hi

    I have trouble finishing education to staffs.

    As i have built more Police Stations across the city, I started getting missions with SWAT support.
    Then i trained few of my staffs using coins to finish education so that i can proceed further with those mission needs SWATs.

    What happened is after spending those coins for finishing education. I went on to assign SWAT personnel to Vehicle.
    Unfortunately, Those i sent for the training is still inside the building(School) and not available, Even after spending my coins to complete the training.

    So what do i do now? I lost my coins and staff are not out from training.
    I am facing problem as i cannot finish he missions with SWATs.

    Then second time i tried the same and got succeeded. But i need more people trained.
    Thus i went for third time to train people But failed as like the first time.

    Please anybody tell me what to do or when will be this fixed.
    I don't have coins transaction history as like the credits.…/Attachment/5976-SC2-png/…/Attachment/5978-SC1-png/

    Staff Training

  • Currently my biggest complaint is the lag and the bug that has been posted elsewhere in the forum where it will say a unit does not have the minimum qualifications, even though it does. You will have to dispatch the unit several times to get it to actually go through. I am guessing this is being caused by the lag.

    As for ongoing complaints, its really the lack of content and updates. They've been working on this brush update since like fall 2019. If this update is not HUGE it will be very disappointing and will certainly make many question what the devs are actually doing. That is why I do not play this game much anymore. There just needs to be more content.

  • I am having 2 issues:

    1. Sometimes when I dispatch units, there is a message saying that there are not enough personnel, even though there are. Restarting the app fixes this.

    2. I sent 9 of my airport personnel for ARFF training, and I used coins to speed up the process. They no longer show up in the fire academy (which makes sense since I used my coins to end the training session), but when I try to assign them to a vehicle it says they’re still in training and are not available. I am not able to dispatch the unit I have assigned them to because of this. I deleted and re-installed the app and the problem has not gone away. This is an issue because I used my coins...

    I understand there are many server issues right now and the devs are not to blame. I just hope these issues get resolved soon.


  • looks like you've built your stations super close to each other, pretty sure if you do this it will make your calls further away as a sort of anti-cheating thing

  • I can tell you why this is occuring, to prevent players building stations ontop of each other, the game has an anti cheat system that spreads out the missions. You are trigering this system so to prevent you farming loads of credits, the game is spreading out the missions so you earn a resonable amount per hour just like players who have stations spread out.

  • My current biggest complaint is that police stations do not come with cells from the get go, whereas hospitals do have beds. Waiting 7 days to just simply use a police station is incredibly long, and personally I feel the whole 7 days expansion for everything is a bit too much, 3 or 5 days is enough.
    I've made a thread about this before but nothing has been mentioned in months so I thought I'd bring it up again, mainly due to my main account being nearly unplayable as I have such a large area, and only now starting police is made even harder by the lack of Cells from the get go, and having to release prisoners on scene.

    Link to my previous post with suggestions on how to implement it all.…s/?postID=22449#post22449

  • Quote

    Also POI must be away from city. That could be a reason you are getting calls like that.


    I can tell you why this is occuring, to prevent players building stations ontop of each other, the game has an anti cheat system that spreads out the missions. You are trigering this system so to prevent you farming loads of credits, the game is spreading out the missions so you earn a resonable amount per hour just like players who have stations spread out.

    Thank you very much, both of yours answer! ;)

  • With this newest patch, I have found a few issues come up.

    1: Because the wild fire equipment requires an extension, and most of my rural stations are small since they don't have ambulances stationed at the firehouses in the rural area's here in Fl. This is a huge problem since to upgrade them is prohibitively expensive. I strongly recommend that a small change be added to allow these stations to be upgraded with coins.

    2: With the new engines, what in the world are we going to do with all these type two engines.... how about letting us sell equipment at 50% of the retail price. that would be much appreciated.


  • I spoke to TACRfan about this a few months ago, it seems when the new devs took over the game they removed the referal system as it was abused, becuase you could set up new accounts and just earn 200 credits to get 2 coins so a afternoons work and you could have a couple hundred coins. So it was removed.

    @TACRfan Anything else to add?

  • I’m not 100% sure but it might be back now. The user who was invited has to rank up in order for the user who recommended the game to revived them coins.

    The feature was abused with players earning thousands of coins by abusing it. Like I say I think it maybe back but there are still the anti cheat systems to detect if it’s being abused.

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