Fire Prevention Units

  • Not sure what the original intent of the Fire Prevention Units was as I have never seen one listed in the mission requirements but could they be enabled to respond to the Smoke Detector Check mission?

    In the US version some of them are "required" on major fires and in some cases I have received a "suspicious person" or "suspicious person at a fire scene" requiring them as well as police. And yes...I would say it would be nice to have them be able to be assigned to smoke detector checks.

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  • Fire Investigation which is required on those calls are the broad range for the vehicles. Fire Investigation consists of:

    Fire Investigation Unit: This vehicle is dual-purposed as a Patrol Car (transporting capabilities), meaning it will fulfill both the Fire Investigation requirement, Patrol Car requirement as well as transport prisoners.

    This vehicle requires Peace Officer education as a result.

    Fire Prevention Unit: This vehicle is single-purposed and will only fulfill the Fire Investigation requirement on a call. It does not require any special education but will not transport prisoners or act as a patrol-car on a call.

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