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  • Hey all,

    I have just recently gotten into placing all the POI's that I can surrounding my fire stations on the map. In doing so, I have looked at the list of POI's and have come up with suggestions for new POI's with the corresponding calls they could be associated with them:

    New POI's With Associated Calls:

    • Seaport- Fire Alarm (Single engine), fuel spill (two engines, a medic, 2 battalions, hazmat team), Confined Space (two engines, 1-2 Ladders, 2-3 medics, 2-3 battalion chiefs, 2 Heavy Rescues/TRT Team), Shipboard Fire (4 engines, one ladder, two battalions, one tanker, one heavy rescue, possible hazmat).
    • Residential Development/Area- Fire Alarm (Engine, Ladder), Vehicle into a House (engine, ladder, 2-4 medics, battalion, heavy rescue), Silent Alarm Trip (three patrol cars).
    • Beach- Drowning (Engine, Medic, Battalion or EMS fly-car, Chance of needing Air Rescue), Dehydration (medic), Broken leg/arm (one engine/ladder, medic).
    • Known drug area/building- Overdose (one medic, two patrol cars), Fire that Involves Possible Drug Lab (3 engines, two ladders, two battalions, one hazmat, one heavy rescue, 3-4 patrol cars).
    • Swimming Pool- Drowning (Engine or Ladder, Medic, EMS Fly-car or Battalion, Two patrol cars).

    Possible New Units:

    • EMS Supervisor- having this unit act as a battalion chief on the EMS side of things. It would respond to overdoses, heart attacks, major accidents, drownings, etc.
    • MCI Unit- these are common all across the United States. It would help in treating patients with more than 5 patients.
    • Brush Truck- I was thinking that the Type-2 engine could be replaced by this title/unit due to the fact that brush trucks normally wouldn't be staffed with more than 3 guys at the maximum level.
    • Swift Water/Dive Unit- whether on the FD or PD side, many departments around the country have a dedicated dive unit for recovery purposes that include deceased individuals, evidence, and used for accidents into bodies of water. Would require a class from the fire academy.
    • K-9 Unit- Almost every police department has a K-9 Unit. It would bring more in-depth of calls/units for the PD side.

    • Patrol Supervisor/Watch Commander- Similar to the K-9 Unit, it would bring more in-depth calls for the PD side.
    • Bomb Squad- I noticed that there is a bomb call in the game but we do not have a bomb squad unit. It would make sense to create this since a call involving a bomb is already in the game. Would require a class from the police academy.
    • Boat Unit- for PD and/or FD side of things. Makes sense for the departments that have oceans/large bodies of water around them.
    • Light/Air Unit- a possibility of turning the air unit into an Air/Light Unit so that it could add to the calls that it could respond to

    Keep in mind that these are just a few of the suggestions that I could think of off the top of my head. I know not everyone is familiar nor has many of these units utilized around them. I am basing these suggestions off of North American units since this version is technically based off of North American units. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to comment.

  • The mission suggestions are great, however some of your vehicle selections have been mentioned before.

    EMS Supervisor-This is basically the fly-car (at least that's what I use mine as), and we don't have missions requiring an EMS on-scene command unit yet.

    MCI Unit-I believe Jason mentioned that this was in the works.

    Brush Truck-As much as I would want this, I think most people (myself included) are just labeling their type 2s as Brush units.

    Swift Water/Dive Unit-Because of OpenStreetMaps we can't have calls on water.

    K-9 Unit-Nothing wrong with this one! Could for Missing Person Calls, etc. It has been brought up previously.

    Patrol Supervisor/Watch Commander-Again, this is a good idea but has been brought up.

    Bomb Squad-I think it's been mentioned, but if we have a bomb explosion call we might as well add a bomb unit! (We should really put HAZMAT on the requirements for this call).

    Boat-Same as Dive Truck, can't be done with OpenStreetMaps.

    Light/Air Unit-This was brought up very recently. At this time there is no apparent need seeing as we already have an air unit and many departments are beginning to add light towers and scene lighting to their apparatus.

  • Boats are possible through POI's, they have done it in the german version.

    I like some of these ideas, If you wouldnt mind i would like to suggest one here. It would require a new POI of subway station, and it would be smoke seen in subway, It could be discovered to be a false alarm on arival and could evolve in to either bin fire, Locomotive Fire or a new mission which would be subway station fire it would pay out an average of 5000 credits and it would require 7-8 Type ones, 2 Battalion Chief, 1 Mobile Command, 3 Mobile Air, 1 Water Carrier, it could have anywhere from 0-20 casualties.

  • As mentioned before the water rescue calls have been made possible on the German version. So really that one falls down to us as the players to show that we are wanting and are ready for water rescue type stuff. If people keep playing and the player base keeps expanding then that gives incentive to the dev to start putting a little more time and effort into this version.

    Tacrfan, I really like the subway station ideas. It would work perfectly for how I'm recreating FDNY and other metropolitan areas.

    With the brush truck I feel it should have a max of four. Here in the US most brush trucks are usually modified pick up trucks or a lifted truck based off of a utility pick up. Theoretically you could cram six people in but most times it's really only two people who respond on these.

  • Questions....I still am having difficulty in understanding the point of POI's. Can POI's only be used while joined in an alliance or can anyone use them regardless of being an alliance member>? If I put POI's at the airport and schools and parks, what should I expect to happen? Do calls automatically spawn there or do I have to set up something once I set the POI?


  • Questions....I still am having difficulty in understanding the point of POI's. Can POI's only be used while joined in an alliance or can anyone use them regardless of being an alliance member>? If I put POI's at the airport and schools and parks, what should I expect to happen? Do calls automatically spawn there or do I have to set up something once I set the POI?


    POi's spawn PoI specific calls, for example if you put a gas station poi at a gas station location on the map you will get a gas station fire call only at that gas station so it doesn't spawn in the middle of a field.

  • Further to TACRfan's answer, which is 100% correct - you can see which POI's have missions associated to them on the 'Possible Missions page.

    The column 'Place' is the POI name essentially. Have the correct number of stations, that POI and it will spawn at some point.

    Yes I forgot to add about the correct amount of stations, I have a question regarding the airport POI's, is the to runways defining runway length or size of the airport as I have Heathrow which has 8 ARFF's and I have Norwich which has 3 (it has 4 but I needed a Type 1 there) so I want to know if I have enough ARFF's for the calls that I will receive

  • this is a brilliant update that i would love to see made. i do have a suggestion relating to the boat unit. boats in the UK are very seldom seen as the only fire and police boats i know of belong to the london fire brigade and metropolitan police(London.)[Blocked Image: http://www.amgram.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/LFB-Fire-Dart.png]

  • The type of boat we would add into the game would be one deployed from land from a trailer or similar. Most fire stations in the UK have one or more for floods and similar missions. A boat like you posted wouldn't be good as it would want to use roads to get to the job. It won't be able to travel along the river.

  • As Jason said it would have to be a trailer and boat rather than a large boat. As Jason also said most fire services in the uk have some form of water rescue unit whether it be a USAR unit or something else.

  • Like @letsgohope12 had stated I think the fly-cars are your ems supervisors. I don't see a point in having both. Maybe the calls could be changed to require them and/or the unit be changed to dub the title of supervisor and/or fly car. And then with the brush truck I just don't see the point. You have your engines. And to me the type 2 IS a brush truck- what else is the point of it? And I would really like to know actually lol it would be interesting what do y'all use them for? I just think you can use this as the brush truck that's what I've always assumed it for.

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