Timed Missions

  • One thing that has always bugged me as a player of the game is the timed mission feature. Personally I feel the feature is basic and was never implemented in the way it should be.

    My question to players is if you could change anything about the timed missions. What would they be?

  • I'll throw my hat into the ring to start.

    1) have less of a delay to start them. 3 hours is a lot, so less would be better. 30 minutes, an hour maybe. That means we can get more in as well.

    2) have a higher max number. I know it was recently upped, but having let's say 1 spawn for every 50 stations would be quite nice for some variety.

  • Starts in 30 minutes or when vehicle requirements met.. Good way to get round it :)

  • They aren't rewarding enough. Why should I divert resources, especially in rural areas, to some random mission for 7k credits whilst I can get 10-15k on normal missions? Plus, the requirements are way off. Example: Concert. Why does it need 2 pumping appliances but only 1 ambo?

  • I know this is on the UK forum and I play mostly on the US and AU servers but this can pertain to us all. I agree there needs to be shorter wait times or a start when requirements are fulfilled feature to speed them up some. Along with balancing the requirements for them I know as mentioned Concert has some issues but also Baseball/Soccer game one could use a unit balancing

  • The concert call should be updated imo. I think the new payout for timed missions is amazing for UK. Take a look at 1 of DE's planned missions has about 25 units taken up for 3 hours and pays 6-8 thousand. Allow maybe 1 per 25 stations to give more planned missions

  • Timed missions are ok but they should be posted closer to the time of the event and have a higher payout since some of them required multiple units. The smoke detector one could become a routine mission that is generated.

  • Never considered them really worth it, mostly leave them to despawn, or throw them to alliance share to clear.

    1 pump on a timed mission should reward more than 1 pump on a regular mission, due to the fact you can do many regular missions in that time.

  • I'm not overly fussed about how the time missions are done, just the fact that it's a more involved game means that allocating a number of resources to an event where they are going to be out of service for a while doesn't make sense. I get that there's a much more passive income element but it doesn't line upto to what comes in from other missions. Also the income levels between the various timed events are ridiculously wide, there's just no relations between time taken vs units required.

  • I think some of them dont sit right as 'realistic' missions as they're in the wrong category. The idea that a carriageway will flood in 2 hours time or that a lithium battery will catch fire in 3 hours is silly. Equally, from the other side, statement gathering, high-risk door kicking or collecting someone who's failed to answer bail aren't necessarilly emergencies and would fit nicely into scheduled missions.

    The required resources could be better too. Concerts have already been mentioned, traffic cars could be utilised for road closures, PSUs would be used for high-risk events and planned public order, officers could be used more (a large concert won't have two pumps but might well have a fire officer), etc. I know they're outdated but the matrixes in the green & purple guides would give you some ideas.

    I think they are an important aspect of the game and could be tweaked to represent that a huge proportion of police & fire work is appointment based.

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